A more powerful way of integrating your triple bottom line.

We offer off-the-shelf or customized solutions to help your organization forecast and mitigate risk, maximize ROI and ensure sustainable growth- not for your company but also for the communities in which you operate.

Providing intelligent diagnostics and unique performance analytics, our unique solutions give your business the competitive advantage that elevates your strategy in high-risk and high-visibility environments.

Our Solutions

Intelligent data-driven solutions for forecasting and mitigating risks, designing, tracking and delivering sustainable results.

Cognitiks - Consulting service

Consulting Services

We offer consulting services covering materiality and sustainability planning and assessments (incl. GRI and SASB compliance),  risk assessments and mitigation strategy and social impact assessments and planning.

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Results Tracking

Our results tracker platform will help you to design effective shared valued projects to achieve results and manage risks, monitor and optimize results and communicate to stakeholders and investors.

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Risk Tracking - Cognitiks

Risk Tracking

Our risk identification and forecasting solution provides customized, in-depth understanding and forecasting of risks faced by your business. RiskTracker is a tool your business can’t afford to do without.

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Customized data projects

We identify, extract and create customized data. We design and execute simple and complex analytical projects to help you visualize data to optimize decision making.

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Cognitiks - Customized Data Projects

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