The challenge

We met this multi-national consumer goods client shortly after a series of disruptions and violent protests that had impacted profits over 3 quarters. They had tried using a number of ‘the off the shelf’ risk tools but they had still sustained large losses over the past 12 months and wanted assistance with a more strategic approach to their managing risk in their supply chain and distribution.

Our approach

Based on our local knowledge of the drivers of risks as well as understanding the company’s specific exposure, we provided our client with granular, realtime information as well as forecasting that enabled them to plan with confidence.

The outcome

Our client has a more strategic approach to sourcing suppliers and planning distribution. In addition, we assist them with monitoring the supply chain plan, and will be facilitating their annual planning based on a broader risk and materiality assessment. With our guidance, they have also committed to making more strategic risk and sustainability investments to manage risks “upstream”.

Political risk was at the top of CEOs concerns in 2018.
70% of global companies with over $10 billion in revenue lost more than $100m in a single event

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