The challenge

Disbursing $70 million in loans to small and medium sized enterprises and assisting with growing the local economy in a context fraught with corruption is no easy task. Our client, fully committed to transparency and passionate about achieving real results, asked for our help.

Our approach

In addition to providing an evidence base for their funding and partnerships strategy, we built a Performance analytics and results tracking platform. The interactive platform allows stakeholders to see the results that LSETF is achieving. The performance analytics, available only to LSETF and investors, allows users to track repayment, ROI and analyze data on the 10,000 loan beneficiaries to identify factors related to loan performance and results and inform future investments.

The outcome

LSETF has been able to identify what correlates with well performing lendees, as well as the investments that result in the greatest development outcomes. Their strategy is being adjusted accordingly to to define new products and services and to deliver maximum impact and 

In June 2019 they were nominated for an award for financial services sector/ SME ‘Responsible Digital Product’.

You can learn more about LSETF’s work on growing Lagos State’s economy and generating jobs here