Is your project performing? Is it well-designed to meet its objectives? Are the beneficiaries satisfied with the outcomes or do they have concerns? How can you make implementation more effective? Are there challenges or risks we can foresee and get ahead of?
These are the kinds of questions project teams ask themselves constantly during implementation of a project or development of a product. They are also the kinds of questions that are critical for all kinds of organizations to be able to ask and answer if they want to ensure that their projects, products or services are well-designed, well-received and delivering relevant social value.

But caught in the demands and urgency of implementation, few teams have the time and resources dedicated to answering these questions. At Cognitiks, working with our clients and partners globally, we’ve designed “cogent data techniques” to help program and project teams to do exactly that- answer these questions without placing additional demand and resources. Cogent data techniques help to rapidly and afforably gain the insights needed to ensure challenges and risks are understood and addressed and relevant social impact is maximized.

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