Our client is a Fortune 10 technology company

The challenge

The Citizenship team (part of the Sustainability unit) had struggled with keeping their budgets and demonstrating value. 

They wanted to showcase their results and social investments and ensure that their future projects were more strategically aligned with business strategy, showing how they add business value.

Our approach

We helped our client to first work through and explore in more detail each of the challenges they had been experiencing, and why. We then workshopped with related stakeholders across other business units, both to understand better their roles in the challenges of our client and to identify key challenges and risks they had been experiencing in meeting KPIs. As a result we updated the company’s materiality assessment, adding key impacts that had not been previously identified and had not been considered by the sustainability team, and which were also not understood across business units. We reviewed existing and past sustainability projects based on the country office’s strategy and goals for the following year and assisted the citizenship team with a strategy and a sustainability reporting framework that assisted with meeting the KPIs of other business units. This was then socialized with relevant internal and external stakeholders and validated. 

The outcome

The following year, our client’s citizenship strategy was noticed by senior management at the regional office; they had held high-visibility events, entered into a prestigious partnership  and implemented projects that brought measurable value. The new reporting framework we designed was used also as part of the strategic planning process by other business units. Not only did our client hold on to their existing budget but they were allocated additional funds.

“ Successful businesses of the future will be those who align their values with those of their customers, and demonstrate that clearly through out their corporate governance, products and services.”