Who we are

Cognitiks is a mission driven social enterprise. We work with organizations in emerging and high-risk markets to optimize social & environmental risk management and maximize social impact.

Our Mission

Cognitiks believes that there are sustainable solutions for addressing the world’s most challenging problems and ensuring a safe and prosperous world for everyone.

We believe that each organization - whether a private firm providing consumer goods or a government agency delivering aid- can be part of the solution.

We’d like to help you do that.

How we work

We take a systems-based approach so as to ensure that our work has the greatest impact and the potential for transformational change. We are cognizant of legacy systems, needs for interoperability, scaling up and organizational culture in working to find the best-fit solutions.

Cognitiks - Why us

Why Cognitiks

Cognitiks’ proprietary solutions transform risks  into opportunities and sustainable growth. We give you the competitive advantage you need to succeed, while maximizing your social impact.

Cognitiks- What we can do

What we can do

We provide Intelligent solutions with actionable insights and customized guidance for decision makers across business units.  We help you to effortlessly integrate your triple bottom line.

Cognitiks - Who we work with

Who we work with

Cognitiks assists businesses from a range of industries in high-risk markets.  We work with governments, DFIs and NGO partners that support sustainable growth for businesses.

The Team

Our team brings togther world-class subject matter expertise, industry knowledge and cutting edge data science, dedicated to the solutions that elevate your strategy and deliver results.

Our experienced consultants around the world combine their local knowledge with a global perspective, and leverage their expertise and Cognitiks innovations to provide sector and context customized solutions.

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Meet the Board

Cognitiks' advisory board bring together leaders with deep experience and demonstrated committment to sustainability across the public and private sectors.

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Our Partners