The challenge

How many times have you read a report, filed it, and then later, when you need it for planning, try to recall the findings and struggle to figure out how to use them, along with the findings in numerous other reports? Our client- a federal government contractor- was tasked with collecting a large volume of structured survey and qualitative data with the objective, not only to understand the current situation, but also to inform strategy and programing. 

Our approach

We assisted our client in designing the data collection tools to ensure the right information would be available and identified existing data that the client already had. We cleaned and structured the data and using machine learning identified patterns that gave insights into the dynamics of the situation. We built a platform that allowed different teams to explore the data with ease.

The outcome

Rather than simply a ‘snap-shot’ text report, we created an analytics platform that allows the government agency to add updated data and new data sets, perform queries and take appropriate evidence-based actions as well as track changes over time. We helped our client make decision-making easier, evidence-based and more transparent.

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